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Thames Primary Academy use P&A for school meals. P&A are passionate about food. Since their formation in 1998 they have developed a reputation for great food and a first class service.

They only use the best ingredients from suppliers who treasure their ingredients as much as their chefs do. They support fair purchasing and always buy local produce whenever possible.

Their food passion is shared by everyone in P&A. A desire to deliver innovative food and service solutions to the highest standard is the driving force behind everything they do.

Over 80% of meals are freshly prepared from unprocessed ingredients and meals contain no undesirable food additives or Tran’s fats.

Thames Primary Academy attach great importance to the provision of meals in our school and ensure that our meals are always healthy and balanced. We have a dedicated team, who work hard to produce a wide variety of meals for both students and staff and all of our food is cooked fresh each day.



All children are encouraged to serve their own snacks, the pre-school children also serve their own lunches too.

Water is accessible throughout the day, water or milk are also offered at snacks and meal times.

We offer a range of low sugar snacks throughout the day. Such as wholemeal toast, rice cakes and breadsticks. These are accompanied by either fresh fruit, or fresh salad vegetables such as peppers, celery, tomato’s etc. 

If children are here for tea we offer a light meal of jacket potato, beans on toast or homemade soup which is made by the children!

We aim to cater for all dietary requirements so please speak to a member of staff about this.

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