The School Day

An Overview of Our Day

The school grounds are open to children from 8:45 each morning.

(If you need to bring your child to school earlier than this, please use our breakfast club Thames Tigers, which starts at 8:00 am each morning. Please contact the school office for details.)

A member of staff will be at the class door to welcome our children. Children are deemed to be in the care of their parents, or another responsible adult, until taken into class by the teacher after the morning bell rings at 8:55 am.


School Day Begins

Here at Thames Primary Academy the day starts at 8:45 am, when children come straight into classrooms where teachers are waiting to welcome them and registration is done.

Lessons begin promptly after registration, at 8:55 am and it is important that lessons are not disrupted by late arrivals as children who are late miss important introductions to lessons.


Break times

Morning playtime: 10:30 am – 10:45 am

Reception and KS1 lunchtime: 12:00 am – 12:50 pm

KS2 lunchtime: 12:10 pm – 13:00 pm


School Day Ends

Reception and KS1 – 3:10pm – 3:15 pm

Parents may collect their child from their classroom in Reception and year 1. We politely ask parents in year 2 to wait at the classroom door to assist teachers in ensuring that all children are collected safely.

KS2 – 3:15 pm

Staff will escort the children to the playground where parents can collect their child (year 4 from the classroom doors). We politely ask parents to wait on the playground, leaving space for the children to stand with their member of staff to ensure that all children are collected safely.

Children in Years 5 and 6 whose parents have signed our ‘Walking Home From school Agreement’ will be allowed to make their own way home.



Monday – 14:45 pm

Introduction to the theme for the week. This assembly is used to reflect on our school values, encouraging children to develop knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

Wednesday – 14:45 pm

Singing practice or class assembly

Friday – 14:30 pm

Achievement assembly. Parents of the children who will be receiving merit certificates are invited to this assembly by telephone contact the previous day.


School Office Hours

The school office is open from 7:45 am to 18:00 pm on school days.


Severn Road, Blackpool,


01253 341466


Thames Primary Academy & Nursery

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